Steve motorcycle cop

Care Stories Episode 5 – Steve The Motorcycle Cop

In the final video from our Care Stories series we got the chance to speak to Steve a former motorcycle police officer who has early... Read full post
Care stories Alia

Care Stories Episode 4 – Megan and Alia – The Care Team

In episode four from our Care Stories series we visited Grassington House Residential Care Home in Dorchester and spoke to care worker Alia... Read full post
Care Stories - Episode 3 - Ian - The Community Builder

Care Stories Episode 3 – Ian The Community Builder

In the third episode from our Care Stories video series we met Ian Bradford a residential care home owner from Lockerley near Southampton. Ian... Read full post
Positive person-centred care

Challenging The Negative Media Coverage of The UK Care Sector

We have commissioned a series of care stories focusing on the fantastic stories from the care sector in order to buck the trend of negative... Read full post
Greenview Residential Care Home

Understanding Care – How Nourish Staff Learn What Care is All About

At Nourish we have a belief that in order to properly understand care, our staff need to have a first-hand experience of what... Read full post
Nourish illustration on various devices

How quick can a care home go online with Nourish?

When we first went into a care home with Nourish, it took a couple of days to get users online. But time has... Read full post
Who cares wins

Stories of care: what are you going to do that is going to make a difference?

Care is full of challenges, and requires commitment, bravery and compassion. Care often comes with preconceptions, and sometimes it is wonderful to see... Read full post

Nourish blog

Guest blog: real life care and our experiences of Nourish

Jo, Care Manager at the Pines Care Group, shares with us some of the real-life experiences of using Nourish.

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