Nourish is all about people

People who need support in their daily lives. People who lend a helping hand. People who plan and prioritise care services. And, the people who simply want to know that their loved ones have the best care possible.

Our focus is clear

We seek to enhance and simplify care in equal measures. We set out to harness the power of care management software to improve the lives of people who need care and those who provide it.

Care matters

Nourish is the culmination of years of collaboration with care providers, commissioning groups and families. We’ve researched every aspect of care, from working with people receiving care, people providing care, care commissioners, directors of social services, and directors of public health.

Real lives, real care

Nourish enables carers to plan, record, report and co-ordinate care, all focused on the person. At a time of growing demand for care, Nourish is using technology and design to empower carers to do what they do best: help people they care for enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Where you have the collision between health and care, technology and very real life issues, we are using design to create products to truly make a difference to quality of care.


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Meet the Nourish team

Nuno Almeida
Founder & CEO
Jamie Hibbard
Chief Operating and Technical Officer
Steve Brett
Finance Manager
Charlotte Tanner
Sales Ledger
Jess Osmond
Compliance Officer
Jon Brown
Device Product Owner, IT & Office Support
Sammy Jacob
Power BI Developer
Jeremy Baldwin
Chief Product Officer
José Reis
Product Manager
Dan Hollingworth
Head of Customer Experience
Steve Lawrence
Head of Proposition & Partnerships
Elise Featley
Product Marketing Manager
Kate Lawson
Senior UX Designer
Karolin De Sousa
Product Owner
Angelica Citron
Software Tester
Graham Clayson
Software Tester
Luís Zenha Rela
Head of Digital Transformation
Paul Dennis-Andrews
Digital Transformation Advisor
Nathan Simpson
Digital Transformation Advisor
Marie Sunderland
Digital Transformation Advisor
Simon Allis
Digital Transformation Advisor
Gina Pyke
Sales Team Co-ordinator
Emily Kinson
Head of Marketing
Beth Hale
CRM Manager
Sarah Jenkins
Marketing Executive
Ryan Knight
Head of Client Engagement
Farrah Eslami
Customer Support Executive
Paul Skuse
Project Manager
Debbie Mynard
Project Manager
Erica Chapman
Client Support Manager
Pavel Sychra
Customer Support Executive
Alexandru Tudoran
Customer Support Executive
Fraser McAulay
Customer Support Executive
Jason Hengler
Training Lead
David Hedges
Nourish Trainer
Anthony Walsh
Nourish Trainer
May Hall
Nourish Trainer
Rado Mroz
Head of Nourish Product Development
John Wesley
Software Developer
Ben Galvin
Software Developer
Sylwester Karwacki
Software Developer
Ben Hayward
Software Developer
Jack Hayward
Android Developer
Vincent Bloye
Software Developer
Waldemar Walczak
Software Developer
Zoe Walker
Software Developer

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