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Care deserves better

Today our daily lives are deeply connected to technology in a way that could hardly have been imagined even just a few years ago. Yet historically, the care industry has not been served so well. Many competing priorities have often come ahead of making sure people working in and receiving care enjoy and benefit from the latest developments in the same way.

At Nourish, we believe care deserves better. The tools now exist to help carers in their daily work provide even better care. This means putting in their hands and at their fingertips all the information they need about a person – their personalised care plan, their daily health needs, their personal preferences. Carers are usually recruited for their empathy, compassion and patience, so we are using innovation to empower carers to focus on care, not paperwork. The result is that we see people enjoying their work and proud of what they do, proud to be embracing technology, and proud to be using it to provide care at a higher quality than was possible before.

At a TEDx event in Bournemouth I spoke about my vision of care. It is these views that were the foundation of Nourish, and continue to drive us today. Development should never sit still, which is why at Nourish we continue to actively research new technologies. Whether a sensor, movement or activity monitor, our first test is with ourselves, because we need to know them to understand how we can apply them to real life care settings. And we ask ourselves – would we want to use this? Wear this? Communicate with this? When it comes to care we see technology as a means to an end, not the end itself. The goal is to provide care of the highest quality, and we believe that the technology and some of the exciting new devices that are coming to market can help us with that. But they will never replace the human interaction that matters so much.

Our aim is to divert time back to some of the most important aspects of care. Working with the people that provide care, we believe that together we can make it better. People that receive care and people that give care deserve that.