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Showcasing Nourish to ADASS

Nourish was chosen by ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) as one of the most innovative social care applications. The opportunity for mobile applications to alleviate the pressure on services were debated and there is agreement that these can play a role in improving quality of care, increasing efficiency, and enhancing care coordination. Nourish presented to over200 guests, and gave an overview of how care planning, recording, co-ordination and reporting can be improved in any care setting using our product.

This presentation led to an interactive breakout session where we showcased what we do in more depth. Delegates from both social care, health care and care commissioners joined us in a full room to debate how our mobile framework can be used to coordinate circles of formal and informal carers in the community to work towards planned outcomes, in the same way care planning and co-ordination works in a care home. Various scenarios were discussed, including community care, hospital discharge, re-ablement services, self-management and care homes. Nourish shared stories from existing clients who experienced radical improvements to how care is planned, recorded and reported, with resulting improvements to staff morale, and quality of the care delivered.


Nuno Almeida of Nourish talking to Joe Tibbetts from InformationDaily.TV on Vimeo.