Age is Just a Number

On the 17th & 18th of October we are joining the 2018 Care Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This year we wanted to do something different and use the show as a platform to celebrate something we believe is very important.

As a society we are getting older, there is no denying that. In fact, the Office for National Statistics ‘Life Tables’ have shown that our life expectancy has doubled since 1841 when they began collecting data.

There are, of course, many economic and sociological impacts that this will have on our society; a rise in age-related chronic illnesses, increasing need for long-term care and care workers and an increasing need for appropriate and affordable housing.

But all too often we focus on the detrimental impact, and can overlook the exciting potential our greater life expectancy provides for our life experience; many more years to experience new things, to follow opportunities we’ve always wanted, to spend more time with our family – and maybe even meet our great-great-great-grandchildren.

We follow the hashtag #ageisjustanumber on social media and we absolutely LOVE the stories we hear of people celebrating new achievements, pursuing new opportunities, learning new skills and all-around proving that age does not have to be a barrier. We wanted to share with you some of the people who really do show us how it can be done!


  1. This 90-year-old triple jumper proving that he can compete better than most of us
  2. This incredible lady, Ginny MacColl, who did her first ever pull up at age 63 and is now the oldest ever American Ninja Warrior and stronger than she has ever been in her life.
  3. This persistent lady who is learning how to text, Facetime and take pictures on her first iphone at age 101 and refuses to let it overwhelm or frustrate her.
  4. The inspiring Dick Van Dyke still showing us how it’s done
  5. Fay Fawbush, celebrating her 90th birthday in style with a 13,000 ft skydive
  6. Kenyan great-great-grandmother, Priscilla Sitienei, who started primary school with her great-great-grandchildren at age 90, proving you are never too old to learn.
  7. Frank Shearer who water-skied well into his 100s because he simply likes being active and having fun
  8. Harry Bernstein who became a famous author aged 96 when he wrote ‘The Invisible Wall’, a story of the psychological barrier and religious prejudice between the Christian and Jewish community of his childhood.
  9. This Canadian great-great-great grandmother, Vera Sommerfield, who met her great-great-great-granddaughter at 96 and reminds us of one of the many reasons we are lucky we get to live longer, more enriched lives
  10. This 99-year-old, Olwyn Hopkins, who overcame her fear and flew a plane because “[she] wanted to show people that you can do anything you want to, no matter how old you are.”
  11. Nora Witkiss aged 100, who is excited to marry her partner Malcome after 30 happy years together.

There are so many incredible examples of individuals who embrace all opportunities in life regardless of their age and really do prove to us that age is just a number. And we know that a lot of individuals are able to continue embrace life’s opportunities through the support and care they receive from so many in our sector.

Care Show 2018

At the Care Show next week we’ll be running the #ageisjustanumber competition where we’ll ask you to guess the combined age of our team photo for a chance to win a year’s worth of monthly flowers for your care service. We wanted to give a little something that would brighten up your day and help remind you of all of the positive things happening in our sector, which help to enrich the lives of all those you support.

If you have more stories of incredible people proving that age is just a number – we’d love to hear from you.