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Thrills & Spills: The Care & Dementia Show

This blog aims to give a flavour of our experience at the care and dementia show. In addition, it contains two bite size summaries of the two talks given by Nourish, the first being “how data is driving better care” and the second “Keeping the family connected”. If you have any questions about any of the topics discussed, you can always give us a quick call to have a chat.


The Show.

The first thing to say about the Care and Dementia show, is that it is huge! It is definitely one of the larger care shows in the calendar and, for anyone interested in care, it is terribly exciting. It was dubbed by the organisers of the event as “the UK’s most dynamic social care event dedicated to inspiring business growth & a sustainable social care model”. This blog aims to highlight (from an exhibitor’s point of view) the thrills and spills of the care show.

Who went.

The team of five chosen contained a mix match of people, personalities and a wealth of knowledge from our Nourish family. Included within this team was our lead project manager, and newly acclaimed ‘tour manager’ Paul, who drove the van. Our marketing manager, Emma, and also our queen of events Kirsty. The final team member was Nathan, who is our top care consultant.

What was the aim?

Our main aim for the two days was to interact directly with new care providers. In addition, it gave us the opportunity to catch up and chat with our Nourish partners, while still being able to get a flavour for what is trending in the sector.

I personally was interested in finding out how ‘the well documented’ increasing pressure on the care sector was being dealt with. It was really exciting to go and listen to how these were being managed in a sustainable way.

So we packed up, and loaded the van full of bit and bobs! It included all the stuff we needed to exhibit at the show. Lights, pop-up banners, new brochures and even a TV were amongst the haul. Three hours (and a MacDonald’s) later we arrived at the NEC.

The Set Up.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we had a LOT of setting up to do. We swept away the mess and made the stand our own. Nourish Blue lit up stand D760. Which was now the only place where you could enjoy a bouquet of flowers, eat a big handful of haribo and gain all relevant Nourish information all at once!

After a long day of setting up, it was time to go back to our hotel and relax! The first day is always the earlier start so nothing too crazy planned for the evening. However, the event did provide a nice opportunity for some group bonding, which is always a bonus.

The Calm before the storm.

We arrived and ensured that the final touches to the stand were just as we wanted them. We were ready. The stand looked beautiful and at 10 O’clock the doors opened.

Lights out all out, and exhibition goers stream in … well not quite! Lets just say it wasn’t the carbon copy of the videos you see during the Black Friday discounts in America. However, our patience paid off because the NEC filled and we were chatting to our first exhibition goers. The relief was that they were LOVELY, and we were away!

From this point, a whole mix of care providers big and small started communicating with all of us on the stand, and we had a really strong steady stream of interest throughout the day.

At this show, you never know what to expect, who you’re going to meet or even what it is you are going to see. It seemed that everyone we met was bubbly, enthusiastic and had loads of questions for our whole team. Asking about Nourish, sharing best practice, knowledge and even suggesting future ideas.

We gave our cards out, which were proving popular because of their design! Along with sharing jokes, learning experiences and from all these great discussions, we booked people for demonstrations.

The shows focus.

The focus of this year’s Care and Dementia show was the continued focus on sustainability of the social care sector. The show is aimed to encourage care providers to embrace the changes that will be demanded of them, whilst also remaining compliant and providing the highest level of care possible.

The highlight of the show for us, was that we were lucky enough to have two of the ‘industry leaders’ on the ticket worth listening too, Our CEO and founder, Nuno Almeida and our Head of group accounts, Ryan Knight.

It was an incredible thing speaking to people after the talks enthused and interested in the topics discussed. The talks were obviously gripping for all who attended, much more so than the Monday morning meetings we have in the office… joking!

For all of you who didn’t quite make it to the event, here’s a little highlights summary below.


The Talk Highlights.

Nuno Almeida – Digital Transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care

On Tuesday 26th March, Nuno gave his title talk ‘Digital transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care’. There is a lot of exciting things coming from Nourish surrounding the data that is inputted by all our care providers nationwide. These are a few of our favourite quotes from theatre four that day.

“We are already starting to see the benefits of data analysis – where are enquiries coming from? How many pre-admissions do we conduct? What are the primary areas of needs? Where do we need to target more training?”

“Let’s take a clinical example. Data shows us number of falls per month, so when do these tend to happen? Who does this tend to affect? What are the usual outcomes? and How do we respond?”

“And then the really interesting work is when we can get into correlations over different factors we think are involved. We can start to ask questions like, Is there a relationship with fluid management? Nutrition? Medication? We can start to really dig into different care & need requirements”

“And ultimately, the driving factor behind all of this analysis – all of this data – is to better understand how we support people to manage their care needs, and to ensure they have the best experience of care possible


Ryan Knight – Keeping the Family Connected

On the second day, Wednesday 27th March, our very own Ryan Knight, Head of Group Accounts gave a refreshingly honest account of the journey of the Nourish Family Portal and the importance of keeping the family connected, here are some of his best quotes.

“Involving family members in peoples care is so important, and it is not something that we always get right. However, It is essential to provide the best possible support, in order to have the most accurate care information and to ensure loved ones feel completely involved

“Family members have the most experience and knowledge of the people you support, and we want to capture and make the most of that information – because it’s those smaller, but so important, details which allow you to provide truly person-centred care”

“The benefits of keeping the family more connected and involved are numerous; better communication, peace of mind, more informed care delivery, transparency, trust – and ultimately? the wellbeing for the people you support.”


The teams final thoughts.

All in all, a great few days for Nourish. It was very tiring but incredibly rewarding! This is what the team had to say.

Paul highlighted it was“great to see all the amazing and innovative ways people with Dementia can be supported utilising new technologies and interactions. Great to meet care providers old and new”

Nathan thought that “the show was great for engaging with decision-makers in the care industry whilst continuing our brand awareness. Likewise, I enjoyed hearing talks from specialist providers and also powerful influencers during both days.”

Kirsty “It was a great few days at the show. We met professionals within the care industry and Nourish got such a positive reaction. I enjoyed spending time with the team and having fun.”

and Emma believed ““It was awesome to listen to some of the incredible speakers that the show had lined up; a really good mixture of topics and approaches with sustainable care as the focal point. Though my favourite definitely had to be ‘Big Ian’ and his interactive talk on the power of music. It was a great couple of days”



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