Care Management Matters – 2017 Dorset Care Conference

Our team just attended the 2017 Dorset Care Conference, hosted by Care Management Matters, and we were honoured to be among such positive and like-minded people. We were fortunate enough to speak to so many of you there and listen to your exceptional stories of care and care management.

The event has since been a hot topic here at Nourish, and we’ve been absorbing all of the different learnings and experiences from all over social media,

Here are our top five takeaways from the event:

1. “There is a career in caring, it’s not just a job” – Nuno Almeida, CEO of Nourish

With an increasing number of training modules both technical and management oriented, long gone are the days when it was hard to see a career in the care industry. This was emphasised on the day in several talks, including Dawn Jacobs, from Barclays who identified difficulty in recruitment as one of the main risks facing the industry.


2. Lead by example and always keep learning

The major theme throughout the event was the importance of great leadership; time and time again we see that great care, and a great care team, is inspired by great leadership. The event identified that a great leader has a positive attitude, works hard, loves the work they do and communicates clearly to the whole care team. However, what we really loved to hear, was that leaders must continue to learn from others; opening yourself to the opinions and experiences of those around you will only serve to enhance your leadership skills, foster better relationships within the team and fully utilise the skill-set your team has to offer. No matter our role, we should always aim to keep learning.


3.  Make the most of your local community resources

We are always hearing of the great work local community services provide, and it’s time the care sector tapped into the excellent support they can offer. The best quality care is holistic, so building great relationships with the local community will only serve to enhance a person’s experience of care. Volunteering groups holding an engaging activities afternoon, driving services helping people get to their appointments or local support and carer hubs – all have the opportunity to provide a more holistic style of care and reduce strain on direct care resources.

Nourish will be exploring exactly this later this year. We’ll be venturing into our local area and shining the spotlight on some of the fabulous local organisations; highlighting some of the incredible work they do and talking about how they could possibly help you as a care provider.


4.  “Don’t chase an outstanding rating, chase an outstanding service”

This we love. The care sector is all too often dominated by the fear of that looming CQC inspection – and with good reason. Unfortunately, this can mean that so much time is spent on putting together the necessary records, that great face-to-face care takes a back seat. Focus your team on providing that outstanding service instead. Emphasise through your values and your everyday work that the best possible quality of safe, person-centred care – not rating – is the ultimate goal. A change in mind-set just might help you to achieve both.


5.  It’s time to ACT on what we know

It’s always good to listen to best practices, to hear what the experts advise and to discuss what needs to be done next – but how many of us actually go back and make some changes. The time to act on what you learn is always now. Positive progress, no matter how small, is still progress.

Listen. Learn. Implement.

Nourish Care Management Consultants

Thank you to Care Management Matters for having us at the conference, and allowing us the opportunity to meet with so many people and organisations. We saw many providers walking away with a reinforced confidence and a focus on developing their leadership teams.

We’re sorry if we missed you at the conference, but we’d love to hear from you – you can reach us on 02380 002288.

As you may have heard, we’re a chatty bunch.