CareMarkets UK meets Nuno Almeida…

Nourish founder and CEO, Nuno Almeida has been featured in LaingBuisson’s CareMarkets UK magazine for a Q&A. The interview details Nuno’s upbringing and background, his introduction into social care and vision for the future of Nourish and social care as a whole.

On his initial introduction to social care:

“I grew up in a small village in the centre region of Portugal. The family home had a shared boundary with the largest mental health  hospital in the country – and growing up in the 1980s when the clinical practice of mental health evolved making it possible for patients to walk out and about in the community – the community kept an eye out for patients who were free to roam in the village. In the same village, there was a working farm manned by over 150 people with learning difficulties. At the time I had no idea what social care was, and I thought everyone lived in a similar environment.”

On bringing more positivity to the sector:

“We are a vibrant sector, full of brilliant, extremely resilient people, full of innovation, a sector that plays a very important role in the tapestry of our communities and our country. We need to keep our collective chins up and show this to the world consistently.”

Read the full CareMarkets interview here.

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