Carers Rights Day 2018

Today is the 2018 Carers Rights Day.

Carers Rights Day is organised by Carers UK. The main objective is to raise awareness of the work that Carers do in our communities, to help carers to understand their rights and show how they can access the help and support they’re entitled to.

A recent survey by Carers UK found that there are approximately 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK (that’s 1 in 10 of the whole population). 3 million of these have to juggle their care responsibilities alongside their work commitments. A further 1 in 6 of those carers have had to give up work due to their carer responsibilities. This is causing significant financial hardships on people who are caring for some of our society’s most vulnerable.

Unpaid carers also face a lack of recognition for what they do. They are often isolated and socially excluded due to caring for another person and also suffer from decreased physical and mental wellbeing. To top that all off, carers then have to try and navigate the complicated world of care funding and benefits.

Carers UK Resources

This is where Carers UK comes in to help. They have put together an online guide that provides tailored financial and practical information for carers who are simply trying to better understand what they are entitled to. Take a look at their guide ‘Upfront’.

They also have many different resources to help you find out and understand more about your rights as a Carer. They even have community platforms where carers can talk about real issues with people who understand what they’re going through.

If you’re a carer and want to know more about your rights, you can find their link here. You can also find their new guide for 2019: Looking After Someone

Don’t wait to have your voice heard, to break the isolation that can often come with caring for another person and to learn about the support and help that you’re entitled to.


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