Positive person-centred care

Challenging The Negative Media Coverage of The UK Care Sector

We have commissioned a series of care stories focusing on the fantastic stories from the care sector in order to buck the trend of negative media coverage focused on UK care provision.

At Nourish we are privileged to help support the care for thousands of amazing people around the UK. Every day we are treated to stories from the incredible activities of people involved in care. Frankly, these stories are what affirms our commitment to empowering the people who provide care. However, this hard working, empathetic and truer side of care never seems to get featured in mass media.

“After years spent working with people involved in care, I knew that we [at Nourish] had a duty to help show people the true side of care in the UK, rally against the negative media coverage and do justice to the amazing people involved.” Nuno Almeida, Founder of Nourish.

To enable this Nourish has commissioned five short films in partnership with local Bournemouth University aimed at showing the reality of British care. Each tells a different “Care story” from the perspectives of carers, to home owners and even the people who receive care themselves. By showing off the best aspects of care we know we can help to counter the negative sentiment the UK care sector receives across the press.

In the first care story from the series we spoke to Victor. A World War 2 hero, a pilot, a violinist and boxer. A man who has had an incredible story to tell and lives in Richmondwood Residential Care Home in Dorset.

Each week we will be releasing a following episode in the Care Stories series that will help demonstrate the excellent provision of care from UK providers and the wonderful stories from the people they look after. You can find the Care Stories playlist on YouTube, this will be updated weekly and feature a new story.