Community Integrated Care: “This really is the future of social care”

Community Integrated Care is one of the UK’s largest health and social care charities. Working in the community, they deliver life-enhancing support to people with a diverse range of care needs, including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Support, Autism, Age-related needs and Dementia.

Founded in 1988, they now support thousands of people across England and Scotland, with a wide range of needs and abilities, to live full and happy lives.

Community Integrated Care started their journey with Nourish in 2018 and we have seen first-hand how innovative and forward-thinking they are as an organisation and how they approach the care and support they provide.

This week, Community Integrated Care shared a video with their trustee, Nigel Lemmon, sharing their journey with Nourish so far, and the impact the system is having on their care teams and the people they support.

You can watch the sneak peak into their digital transformation below:


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