How a Carefully Designed Electronic Care System Can Enhance Your Care Team

The future of care management systems is digital.

The days of seemingly endless, extensive paper recording, printing and filing – the days spent getting your paper records together for inspections – are thankfully moving behind us.

Care teams far and wide are making the transition to electronic care records; benefiting from high quality care plans and notes, compliant and accurate audit trails and a greater degree of control across the management process.

The opportunities care providers have to use digital to navigate the complex requirements of the care sector are vast, and the variety of options available for adopting electronic care plans can cause confusion over which service or method is best suited to the care providers specific context.

At Nourish, we believe the best digital care management system needs to be flexible and enhance your care team – it needs to support the great work you are already doing, rather than forcing you to work in a different way; and it needs to offer more than simply a digital representation of your current care records.

We believe an electronic care system should give:

  • Managers: reassurance and confidence that their team is not missing critical aspects of the care they provide. We often hear our care managers say they “sleep better at night”; they feel assured that their team is working towards outcomes in accordance with the resident’s personal preferences;
  • Senior Carers: the tools to complete supervision tasks, care plan reviews, monitor trends and verify resident safety comprehensively but in a lot less time; completing a MUST assessment, for example, and taking 2 minutes rather than 10. The ability to monitor total fluid intake against a target, to report and follow up with an incident, and to handle handovers and warnings more consistently and with more time efficiency;

  • Carers: the opportunity to focus a lot more on the person they are with, recording their care as they go – often along with the resident. A well designed mobile interface allows carers to record notes alongside their care, it promotes greater clarity and focus on outcomes and allows efficient management of warnings or alarms. It also requires very little training; particularly important in settings where there is high staff change.

Combined, these advantages result in a more confident and cohesive team – and a team with more time on their hands. This means Team Leaders can be more effective in monitoring the actual provision of care; spending more time ‘walking the floor’ and ensuring that the core values of the care provider are embedded into the care delivery. In some situations, this may lead to increased excellence of care, resulting in better CQC ratings.  In other cases, this may be increasing the efficiency of care provision in order to accommodate local authority cuts, whilst maintaining a reliable, safe and high quality level of care.

A good system should not push your team to spend as much time in front of a screen as they spend on paper. It should allow carers to interact with care information and allow your team to gain confidence and reassurance of good compliance. In the long run a bad system will lead to frustration, loss of confidence and, as is often felt within the care sector, the feeling that technology just doesn’t work in care. A good quality system should enhance your team; it needs to give your team the confidence to develop their skills and ultimately to provide the best quality of care possible.

How we do it at Nourish

Nourish was designed specifically to meet these goals. Our journey has always been based on our values. We actively listen to our clients and focus on providing clear benefits to all those involved in providing care. Through this process our product has proven time and time again that it enables care teams to maximise the benefit of using electronic care plans; enabling a confident care team, improving the senior team’s ability to lead and delivering aligned business results.

And ultimately, what really matters, is that this benefits those receiving care; providing safe, person-centred care with an emphasis on more human contact.

If you want to know more about how we can help support your team to deliver better care or to see a demonstration of how our system works, you can reach us on 02380 002288.


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