Health Plus Care - Nourish Demo

Health Plus Care Show Event Round-up 2016

The 2016 Health Plus Care show in London was undeniably a positive day, not only for the care industries represented – but for those who are involved in care as a whole. We spoke to hundreds of different care providers, care managers, care home owners and a plethora of different people who’re directly involved in providing care for some of Britain’s most well respected care settings. It was great to see the industry out in force and we hope we were able to help out with demonstrating how you can empower your care teams through the use of Nourish.

Our Head of Accounts and Customer Support, David White – explains, “The 2016 Health Plus Care show was an incredible event, not only did the industry show an overwhelming level of support, but it was clear that positive action on all manner of key issues will be fostered as a direct result of the conversations, seminars and networking, that was made possible by such a positive event. With thousands of people involved in the care sector passing through the doors across the two days, we were able to talk directly with and help out a large volumes of care professionals with their care planning and care pathway requirements – we hope that we were able to contribute to this tranche of positive action”.

There is no shadow of a doubt that from a top down perspective, health and social care are shifting towards more digitally adept solutions. Even CQC has recently shown clear openness and encouragement towards our ethos in their strategy statement for 2016 to 2021, where some of the highest priorities are: innovation, sustainability, an intelligence-driven approach, a single shared view of quality and efficiency and effectiveness; all core principles at Nourish aligned with our vision. With this in mind it is unsurprising that the 2017 Health Plus Care Show will provide visitors a section dedicated to purely ‘Digital healthcare’. This only stresses the high demand for the principles of patient centricity (the person centred approach), interoperability, and integration.

During the show, one of the key areas we kept being questioned about was regarding how Nourish supports the individuality of care plans/care pathways which are used by different care providers. This is actually really simple, as the Nourish system is built from the ground up to ensure that care providers can completely configure their care plans based on their own specifications. Not only this, but because the Nourish system is designed specifically with those in care at the centre, all care plans and management are aligned to empowering your care teams to provide the best person-centred care possible.

On a final note, many of our current clients visited us at the show helped us to confirm how useful and life-changing Nourish can be in the care environment, whilst making us proud of the great relationships we have been able to nurture with each of these care providers.

Next year we will be back in the new Health Plus Care Digital Area, with even more to share, with a special focus on how Nourish helps carers and provides the ‘smart’ side of technology.