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Social Care and Innovation: Small Changes Can Have A BIG Impact

Social Care and Innovation: Providing Person Centred Care…

On the 22 November we were lucky enough to attend the Surrey Care Awards. A night that celebrated those who selflessly give so much to their community and support so many. People who put others ahead of themselves and who define what it means to provide ‘person centred care’.

It got us here at Nourish very excited, as one of our core cultural values is that ‘It’s all about the people’.  People who need support in their daily lives. People who lend a helping hand. People who plan and prioritise care services. And, the people who simply want to know that their loved ones have the best care possible.

There is no doubt that technology can help enhance the quality of care providers give. However, as the Surrey Care Awards showcased, at the core of good care is good people. People who see those they support as individuals. Who understand their values and who tailor the way they work to help support them in a way that suits their physical and emotional needs. Those who provide ‘Person Centred Care’.

Being Innovative in Social Care…

As the nominees were being announced, what really stood out was the amount of innovative thinking happening everywhere. They hadn’t taken a one size fits all approach towards the care they were providing. They looked at the individuals in front of them and asked themselves ‘How can I help {INSERT NAME}?’ By taking a step back and aligning their focus, they were able to make adjustments to how they were supporting the individuals they care for. Adjustments which had a significant impact.

The examples we heard on the night highlighted that innovation is everywhere and is far more than adopting the latest technology, and in most cases doesn’t have to cost thousands of pounds. Innovation is about thinking differently with the aim of making positive improvements. It’s about figuring out that Rose will only drink enough fluid if it’s given to her in a certain cup, or that Frank becomes more animated and engaged when he can talk to someone about world war 2 mining boats. Or more simply, that Barbara prefers to be called Babs.

It’s about discovering what works for different individuals in order to help improve their quality of life and communicating that across the care circle to ensure a consistent and tailored level of care. Innovations were mentioned one after another, from getting to know what works for a particular person, to creating a mobile flowerbed allowing people who can’t leave their bed to still enjoy their love of gardening.

Small changes, BIG difference…

Yes technology can help your teams with recording all the great and innovative work they do, it allows care teams to evidence their innovative approaches – but technology on its own is not social care innovation. Technology can help enhance care being provided – but the credit has to go to these amazing care teams.

Ultimately, it’s about changing the way we think about everyday tasks and activities and looking at them differently – the right technology will enable you to do that more naturally, by allowing you to record your thought process and the innovative approach you adopted.

As care awards nights highlight to us here at Nourish. It’s often the small changes that make the biggest difference, and innovation is everywhere and it’s fantastic to see it being celebrated and recognised by peers in the sector.