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Introducing: Integrated Care Plans and Mobile Working

Personalisation, co-ordination, and communication are challenging, both for care providers and for families. Without the right tools in place to support these processes, the experience of the person receiving care may fall short of what is desired and expected, even with the best will of everyone involved.

Co-ordinating care teams, giving carers tools to enable them to deliver a personalised experience, and working with families is extremely time consuming when done using logbooks, paper notes and phone calls.

At Nourish we believe that a cleverly designed Care Plan should deliver all this and more. 

A smart care plan should help you in assessing areas of need and the level of dependence. It should help you to agree outcomes with the person and their family, and agree how these outcomes will be achieved. Sometimes this will require support from your carers, sometimes with the person taking action, and sometimes with the family, whilst learning from the person what preferences they have for how support is provided. 

A smart care plan is created through this process; getting to know the person, their circle of care, their story. And a good care plan allows care teams and informal carers to work together, because they all share the same goal of ensuring the person receives the best care possible to meet their needs.

And our care plans are not just smart. They work hard by delivering up-to-date one page profiles to carers when they come into contact with people for the first time – be it at home, in a care home or in a hospital – guiding them in knowing the whole person and providing a better care experience.

The care plan works with the Nourish carer app. Carers using our app can see their schedule updated to the minute, have access to summary information about the people they care for, and expected outcomes and detail of how those outcomes will be achieved, including the client’s personal preferences. The app is also used to support communication across the whole of the care team enabling better, more efficient team co-ordination.