TechCities award for Nourish

Not just a Tech Award

Yesterday Nourish won an award. Not just any award: Nourish won the TechCities award for the Bournemouth cluster.

This is a proud moment for all of us at Nourish, but I would say it should also be a proud moment for the care sector. Not that long ago I attended a conference focused on innovation for the care sector. The chairman of the organisation hosting the event stated in his opening speech that he would like there to be more apps for supporting care delivery, but he didn’t expect the standard of these apps to be as high as those coming out for other sectors. He didn’t mean it in a way that was in any way derogatory. He was resonating the mood of the sector; low morale, the constant target of cuts, disappointing news stories and low expectations.

At Nourish we believe care deserves products that are as good as – if not better than – those designed for the consumer market. We want to be more than a typical supplier and we don’t believe in keeping a distance with our clients. Care deserves so much more than a couple of classroom sessions to train teams and leaving a product behind, with a phone number and an email address for any problems.

We are asked numerous times if we have a “user manual”. No, we don’t.

Would anyone be using Facebook if the app required training? Does Facebook have a “user manual”?

We develop products that are designed. And design is not just about things looking good, but most importantly it’s about how things work. We use design to give carers the information they need, when they need it. We use design to avoid overwhelming care managers with too much information, yet help them prioritise their time and ensure the team never miss something important. We give them tools that give them reassurance and confidence in the care they provide.

And we are proud to be embedded in our clients’ teams. Every single carer can reach us within our product. We understand their businesses and their pressures, and we talk the same language. Last week one of our clients was giving an internal demonstration of Nourish to care managers within their group. Halfway through the demo she decided to show how the customer support with the Nourish works, and all of the sudden, our customer support team was in their room, just like that.

So this award is not just a “Tech” award, it’s an award for how so many carers do what they do. This is for those people who support others whilst under constant time pressure, but always keep a smile, who empathise with people who need a helping hand and are always giving them their best without failing.

Supporting them in their mission and using our products and our support to give them more space for caring is the least we can do, and it gives us real pride to be able to help.

To all our clients and carers, thank you for doing what you do. We will achieve great things together.