Nourish Analytics Forum 2020

Nourish Analytics Forum 2020: A future of applying data science in the care sector

At Nourish Care, we recently held our second Care Analytics Forum at The Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth, where we welcomed 35 care providers to discuss the future of data analytics and data science within the care sector. 

Nuno Almeida, the founder of Nourish, opened the discussion by sharing our mission in regards to data and analytics. 

“Ultimately what Nourish wants to achieve is an environment where those within social and health care can obtain information and insight in order to understand, diagnose and manage long-term conditions, and enable people receiving care to have a fulfilled life. In doing so, we will be able to see what shapes outstanding service, and gain insight into how we can provide gold standard, quality care.”

Data analytics and data science can save lives

While many of us still see care records as a necessary evil, at Nourish, we are looking at the bigger picture and how data contained in these records can be used to make social care more sustainable for everyone. There are fears that using large volumes of data can invite errors to be made, however it is said that there are far fewer errors being made with inadequate data than there are with no data at all, and with this stance, we invite care providers to consider the groundbreaking possibilities of using large quantities of data for starting a movement for data driven quality improvement of care. 

“Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.”

Charles Babbage, Mathematician, engineer, inventor and philosopher.

Nourish Data analytics in action

Michael Butcher, Finance Director of Blackadder, a family-owned care provider and early adopter of Nourish’s Analytics feature, shared his insights into the benefits of data.

Nourish Data Analytics in action

Michael from Blackadder Care Home


With 215 beds across six individual care homes, Blackadder wants to innovate and provide care in a smarter way; a key element of this is being able to easily and rapidly identify trends in order to improve the quality of care they were providing. Previously, they had tried to keep track of data themselves via Excel spreadsheets; Michael went on to explain how Nourish Analytics has been incredibly valuable to them, providing data in a clean and concise format that’s easy for all to understand.

Michael explained what type of reports they have built using Nourish Analytics, including identifying trends across a range of interactions and resident needs, in order to tailor care plans and ensure everyone gets the right care for them based on the real-time information being recorded in Nourish. He explained they are now able to clearly see information such as resident’s weights (and weight gain or loss), skin conditions and alarms that have been set, in order to track changes and ensure they are doing everything they can to meet individual’s needs – reviewing all 6 homes in an integrated fashion, applying knowledge from one across the whole group, and gaining the ability to understand early where there are potential problems. 


Working towards change 

Overall, the forum was a success, and Nuno and the team were very happy to answer the many questions that care providers had regarding the future of Nourish Analytics. We are continuing to explore the world of data science applied to care data, with the potential for integrations with other healthcare providers going forward and hope to get even more care organisations on board and using data analytics to provide better care for all.

If you’re interested in finding out how Nourish can help you improve the care you provide, get in touch or book a demo today.