Nourish CE50

Nourish named one of the top 50 creative companies in England

This month saw the publication in the national press of the top 50 creative companies in England and at Nourish we were thrilled to be included on the list.

Our vision is to bring design, creativity and technology to care in a way that has never been done before. Why? Because we believe that with these disciplines there is an opportunity to improve quality of care, and thereby quality of life for both people receiving care and those that dedicate their lives to providing it. The explosion in smartphone use has created so many opportunities. Keeping in touch with friends, buying something from a shop 10,000 miles away or checking the weather forecast are now activities that can be conducted instantly from the palm of a hand. What if we translate some of that to care – so a message from a grandchild, or a confirmation that a care plan has been reviewed, or a reminder of a person’s preference for how they have their tea – is put into the palm of a person’s hand. What if we take this further, and take all the information about a person’s care and store it securely online. There may be thousands of individual pieces of information, so what if we make just the relevant information easily accessible to the different people that care for that person, all through an interface designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Having the technology to make these things happen is only part of the process. To turn digital ideas into reality needs design, and that requires creativity and plenty of critical thinking. We want to create products that are truly a joy to use, because we believe people working in and providing care deserve that just as much as anyone else. And of course we couldn’t do what we do without the many amazing people we meet working in care, so thank you for being a part of this journey. Together let’s give the care sector the support and the recognition it deserves.

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