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Nourish announces new upgrade and next-generation care plans

This week we have announced the launch of a new upgrade to our mobile care management system, including next generation real-time, integrated care plans, apps for carers, and state-of-the-art user-friendly design.

The update allows carers to create detailed care plans, customised to include every aspect of a person’s preferences and care needs. Care plans are updated in real time from the daily notes, measurements and assessments, so they are always current.

The new update also allows offline working, which means carers can continue to make notes even if no Internet connection is available. All records are then synchronised as soon as the connection is restored.

Nourish is also designed to support care providers in their reporting requirements. Teams can set up their own pre-defined notes and checkboxes to improve accuracy and consistency, as well as saving time in note taking. By making notes on-the-go, Nourish users have an instant-access audit trail and can print customised reports with just a few clicks – on anything from falls to nutrition to activities and anything else recorded.

Crucially, the new generation Nourish app has been created by a multi-disciplinary team. We are passionate about creating design that truly works in real-life care, which is why we brought together developers, graphics designers, and vitally, carers, to design and test the new upgrade. We believe that the time we spend with carers understanding their daily work is incredibly important, because it allows us to always focus on creating tools that work in the real world. Our objective is to make the whole process of care work smoother, reducing the admin burden on carers yet supplying them with more of the information they need, when they need it. Carers using Nourish tell us they simply have more hours in the day to spend with the people they care for. Their stories are what this is all about.