Focusing Digital Health Care

Being Proud of Smarter Care

When care providers join Nourish, we provide full training to make sure care staff and managers are ready and confident in using Nourish to plan, record, report and co-ordinate care. When training is complete, we provide a framed certificate to show that the care setting is using Nourish, and that they are proud to do so.

We use our training programme to make sure people are completely comfortable in how to use Nourish, no matter how little or how much experience people have had with smartphones before. Nourish’s clear, user-friendly design means that often, we find those who are a little apprehensive are pleasantly surprised how quickly they get to grips with it.

The certificate helps explain to families and other visitors that when they see staff using smart phones in the care setting, they are work phones and they are using them to create up-to-date and accurate notes for immediate inclusion into care plans. Families can be reassured that Nourish gives staff more time to spend on what really matters in care, rather than paperwork.

For regulatory purposes, the certificate reassures people that care plans and notes are updated in real time, and stored securely online with regular backups. It also means there is an instant audit trail and transparency, where it is clear on every record when it was made and by who. Retrieving information, for example to compile a report, can be done in seconds instead of hours spent going through paper folders.

So the certificate shows that this is a care setting proud to use Nourish, and to be using smart tools to bring care into the future. Using Nourish means that people who care can focus on what really matters – enabling people who need a helping hand to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Above all, a Nourish certificate shows that this is a care setting where people are proud to care.