Care England Forum

Questions on Electronic Care Planning From Care England’s August 2016 Forum

The Care England August forum was a fantastic event helping to network the community and we enjoyed the chance to meet with so many like-minded businesses within the care sector. During the event we actually came across a few key themes that were consistently asked by the care groups we met, regarding the capabilities and risks potentially associated with electronic care planning and we thought that it would make sense to post some of them here and give you the answers we spoke about.

How can a care management system work when there is no Wi-Fi available?

The Nourish app actually does work offline, allowing your carers to record care the care they provide even in areas where they have no signal. Once they are in an area where a Wi-Fi connection is possible, the device then reconnects and synchronises. This ensures that care records are always brought up to date, whenever a connection is available.

We currently use a paper based care planning – how can  electronic care planning adapt to the way we structure our care plans?

Nourish is unique in that the system creates templates completely customised to the unique specifications and current working patterns of every care setting. That means your care teams are able to easily use the application and work to their established procedures. It also means you can standardise procedures across a whole host of different care settings in care groups.

Moving to a digital care planning system also aligns with CQC’s 2021 strategy regarding ‘new models of care’ and more information can be found regarding how Nourish align’s itself to CQC’s 2021 strategy in a recent blog post.

We are concerned about the security of data in electronic care planning, what can be done to ensure the security of the records that are kept?

Information stored with Nourish is only accessible through our applications. All information can only be accessed using a user name and a password that are unique to a carer or manager. All information is encrypted when transmitted between our servers and your devices. And our servers meet the extremely high security standards comparable or exceeding those required by the NHS.

Our full security policy can also be obtained at request, which goes into detail regarding the measures we take to ensure that data is kept secure.

I work within a large group of care homes who are based across multiple settings, how can larger organisations be handled sympathetically when it comes to on boarding?

Our process breaks down in a modular fashion allowing your regional managers to select their own preferences in regards to on boarding. In our most recent cases we were able to setup a series of demonstration devices up-front, for teams to get to grips with before roll out takes place. Then once the senior leadership team has defined their preferences for the care templates, carers only need a single day of training in order to provide them with enough information to use the system.

We know that some groups also have special cases which operate outside of the ‘norm’ for the group’s care planning. We are able to set up individual exceptions which allow for special care plans to be implemented. This way, groups with multiple specialities such as learning difficulties, elderly care and home care functions can also be catered for.

How can you find out more?

We’re always more than happy to discuss electronic care planning with members of the care sector, we know that it’s sometimes a tough decision to move away from paper and that if you select the wrong supplier ultimately the care you provide could be hampered. However at Nourish we pride ourselves on our ability to empower carers and provide the best outcomes for those who use our electronic care planning system. To find out more please feel free to get in touch.