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Real life care and our experiences of Nourish

Jo, care manager at the Pines Care Group, shares her experiences of Nourish Care.

“At the Pines Care Group we run both residential and domiciliary care services. In March this year, we started using Nourish in one of our residential homes that provides a warm, safe and homely environment to 13 adults with learning disabilities.

It was naturally a big decision to change from paper notes to online. We did not want to rush the transition, so we took our time to make sure Nourish was set up exactly how we wanted it to be and that all the staff are comfortable.

Now we are up and running, paper notes are just a thing of the past. The impact it has had on staff is huge. They are saving hours of time on note taking, but the way the scheduling works also means they have a clearer view of all the tasks they need to get done.

From an audit point of view, the difference is huge. Preparing reports used to take so long – days in some cases – and now we can just do it in a few clicks. The other day a GP wanted to look at a resident’s diet. In a few clicks, we had a report of all meals the person had had in the last month. To have that kind of information at our fingertips is amazing. At the Pines, the activities our residents do every day are very important to us, and now we can quickly and easily record them – from gardening to grocery shopping or yoga to sailing.

We are now in the process of rolling out Nourish to our home care teams. Again, we are going to make sure we have the system customised exactly how we need it to be, and that all our staff are confident in using it. Ultimately, Nourish means we can provide even better care for our residents, which is what our job is all about.”

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