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Seeing a person, not just a person who needs care

At Nourish, we believe passionately that care should be all about people.

We put the person needing care at the heart of everything we do. Speaking at a recent TEDx event hosted by Bournemouth University, Nourish founder and CEO Nuno Almeida explained how this view can be brought into innovation in technology – because technology itself is useless unless it is all about people.

We have an office in Bournemouth in the UK, previously famed as a destination for retirement, but now increasingly known for having the fastest-growing digital economy in the country. The wealth of talent in the area, combined with beautiful scenery and the high quality of life in Dorset, makes it a magnet for people working at the cutting edge of design, creativity and technology. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to the link these two sectors of our society, and bring innovation to care in a way that has never been seen before.

Our vision is to use technology to empower care, not replace it. We need to give people working in care the right tools so that they can get on and do what they do best – help people enjoy a better quality of life.

Watch the full talk on the TEDx website >