Nourish Team

Taking a look at the people behind Nourish

Here at Nourish we’ve always said that care should be empowering, informed, human and connected, so that the care provided can be the best possible standard. This message and ethos includes our team, the employees of Nourish. We thought it might be good to show you how we are understanding, connected, human and compassionate about the work we do and the services we provide for you.

“I believe that Nourish is going to be the answer to point-of-care throughout the NHS. I think we’re on to something really big, and the passion, honesty and integrity behind the product is key.” David White, Head of Account Management and Customer Support.

Why have we made this video?

In order to give you a greater understanding about what like is like at Nourish we have made a short video. It gives you an insight into our team and the inner workings of Nourish. Over the past few weeks, we have been conducting interviews with several members of our team; sitting them down, and  (with no prior warning),asking them about their feelings about the company. The idea was that you are able to get the truest answer and there’d be no way that they could prep “the perfect answer” about Nourish. Everything said in this video is our team’s first reaction to the questions, providing you with a more genuine and real answer behind the scene’s life Nourish. We asked them a range of different questions from what it is like to work here, what they think of the system, and what they think is the future for Nourish in the care sector and beyond, giving them an opportunity to talk openly about the company.

From this one-off video, we want to show you just what we can offer, on a human and personal level; the opinions, the humour, and the vision, of who you speak to when you are talking to one of the team at Nourish.

Discover what the employees really think of Nourish.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Nourish and our team, or find out further information about our smart care management software and what it can offer your care business, then please do get in touch with us or give us a call on 02380 00 22 88.