Together We Care Better – Nutrition and Hydration Care Planning Seminar

On October 6th we attended the Hampshire Care Association’s Hydration and Nutrition event for members of the residential and domiciliary care community. During the successful event we hosted a seminar with over 60 attendees focusing on the latest trends and guidance in nutrition and hydration care planning. The seminar invited three experts: Keith Ralph, Daniel Hollingworth and Dr Jane Murphy – to give their thoughts and opinions on what they saw as the key areas of focus when looking at nutrition and hydration care planning. The host was Nourish’s MD Nuno Almeida who chaired the session and posed a series of questions to our panel of experts, which you can watch in full below. We’ve also gathered up the key discussion points raised during the session in a quick reference list.

What are the key trends the experts see in nutrition and hydration care planning?

Nutrition and hydration are complex subjects that some care providers admit  ends up being dragged into a run of the mill series of processes. However given their importance in promoting quality of care, nutrition and hydration care planning is central to driving positive changes to a care service.

Key points:

  • Leadership – passion for good quality food and ingredients needs to come from leaders within the care business. Treating food with passion, talking about its origin, sourcing and preparation, creating thematic cycles to menu choice, and bringing different narratives related to food to the day to day of the care home have impacts in residents’ lives well beyond a nutritional value, wether because they become talking points, or because people will reminisce around their meal preferences and experiences.
  • Communication – clear communication between care teams who deal with residents during day-to-day tasks about their preferences, choices and also the best preparation techniques, how this communication is enabled between residents, families, care teams, kitchen and food providers.
  • Personalisation – being able to solidify information about a person’s preferences, likes and dislikes, combining this with nutritious, healthy choices for each individual. Developing good nutrition and hydration care planning processes in a person-centred manner requires a structured approach to collecting, documenting, but above all, using this information to ensure people’s health and wellbeing scenarios are supported by a personalised and adequate diet.

Watch the nutrition and hydration care planning seminar

For the full recording of the nutrition and hydration care planning seminar session please view the video below.

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