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What To Look For In Your Next Care Home Software Purchase

When looking for care home software, regardless of what it’s intended function you need to purchase the right solution for you requirements. Just like the needs of those you provide care for, your care provision is completely different than another provider who might only be based next door. This quick guide will give you some top areas you need to consider when looking into your next care home software purchase, highlight some of the bad aspects you should try to avoid, as well as throwing in some more points regarding care home software that mean you should not consider using it at all cost.

What to look for in good care home software

  • Person-centred – does it allow you to record care in a manner that is innately person-centred?
  • Saves you time – the care home software needs to save you time, if you spend more time mucking around with it, than providing 1-2-1, then its not performing its function correctly.
  • Integrates into your processes – the better systems on the market will integrate into your care planning and rostering processes. This means it doesn’t force you or your team into unfamiliar work patterns.
  • Adapts to your care services – the way that you provide care is unique. The best care home software will always adapt to the services you provide.
  • Access your data when you need it – this goes without saying. When you provide care on a day to day basis, you need no restrictions on accessing your information.
  • Secure storage – medical data, however small in volume needs to be securely stored to meet rigorous data protection within the UK. The best care home software will always adhere to NHS standards.
  • Easy-to-use – again if your staff can’t easily use the software, then it’ll fail at the first hurdle.
  • Clear costs – when you look for new care home software, make sure that you find a provider with clear costs. It’s not just about transparency, but with the current market stresses and constraints on care providers you need to be 100% clear on the costs you are signing up to.
  • Empowers communication between care teams – the best software will always include some sort of chat function allowing staff to send messages and notes to one another, this will make evening shift handovers much faster and help to provide better care.

Good care home software will inevitably help your care teams work smarter, doing more in less time and saving you admin. If the system looks like more hassle than it.s worth, it probably is.

What are the bad aspects of care home software you should avoid?

  • Forces you to adopt it’s practices and preferences – if the care home software forces you into working in a manner, which is sympathetic to it’s preferences then you know its bad. How’re you meant to deliver person-centred care if the system forces you into performing activities, assessments and forms in a specified way?
  • Has an awful navigation – when your care teams are rushed off their feet, and let’s face it they are a busy bunch, you need to make sure that the software has an easy navigation so they can get to the information they need, when they need it.
  • Expensive – with the cost constraints currently imposed upon the UK care sector, make sure you don’t get tied into a lengthy and expensive contract.
  • Extra features cost more – why should you pay extra for extra features? If your care home software provider

The downright ugly – those factors you need to immediately disqualify an instance of care home software from your search

  • Looks like something from Windows 95 – software design has come a long way from the 90’s make sure you discount anything that looks like an excel spreadsheet and opt for a more user-friendly design. You’re care teams will thank you for it and the on-boarding process will be much simpler.
  • Forces you into using template style care recording  – after all how could you explain to CQC that the care you provide is person-centred when your care is so un-tailored?
  • Doesn’t allow you to effectively record how you provide your care – this means you need a system that logs everything from: who, when, where, how, why and even includes the option to upload a picture where necessary.
  • Doesn’t provide you with full access to a care plan – after all how are you meant to deliver care if you cannot access all of the information you require?

How can Nourish help?

At Nourish we pride ourselves on providing one of the most user-friendly, person-centred and customisable pieces of care home software on the market. To find out more or view a demonstration, then please get in touch. One of our team of experts can help guide your next purchase and if we’re not the right solution for your needs, we’ll let you know.