COVID-19 Tracker


The Nourish COVID-19 tracker helps you and your team to track, monitor and report cases of the virus. You don’t need to be a Nourish customer, and it’s free to use.

What does the tracker do?

The tracker is easy to access from any web browser and will allow you to:

  • Track status of infections across people in your care
  • Track status of any infections among your staff
  • Share anonymised data with NHS & other authorities

The data that you provide it vital to providing a national picture within social care, to help support and co-ordinate a response to this pandemic.

How can I start using the tracker?
Register your interest by confirming a few details in the form below,  we will then send you an email with information on how to access and use the tracker when you’ve been set up. Keep an eye out for it in your inbox!

Is there a cost involved?

What can I track?

Our simple and easy to use tracker will allow you to record number of:

    • Total people providing support in your service
    • People suspected of having COVID-19?
    • People being tested/awaiting results for COVID-19?
    • People who are ‘all clear’ of COVID-19?
    • People identified as high risk & currently in isolation?
    • People who have recovered?



Note on data sharing: Nourish is working with NHS Digital to define the data sharing and information governance process. Any data shared will be completely anonymised and won’t identify any individuals; this data will be used exclusively to provide an indication of risk and severity of COVID-19 across care providers which the government will use to inform decision making at national level. The legal grounds for sharing this data is in the interest of Public Health, as established in the current GDPR legislation


Join the national effort

Talking about the individual impact of digital care management

The tracker will not only help you and your care team monitor, track and record cases of COVID-19, but will also help to provide anonymised data to the NHS, Public Health and other local authorities. This vital data will highlight the number of cases being reported in care services across the UK and be put forward in a bid to help co-ordinate a national response to this pandemic.



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