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What does Data and Analytics offer?

Nourish Analytics aims at addressing all your performance monitoring needs by giving you an overview of your care services.

Collating information becomes less of a tedious and daunting task as all the information you need is stored in one central location, and can be reviewed when and where you need it.



  • Provides comprehensive business intelligence and data warehousing
  • Report, review and analyse data easily
  • Simplifies audits and evidencing of care
  • Improves decision making and quality of care
  • Understand meaningful trends and act accordingly
  • Provides transparency across care service

Evidencing care made easy...

With no need to spend hours looking for files and pulling information from various locations, evidencing care for audits and measuring and monitoring clinical outcomes becomes simple.

Being able to report, review and analyse data easily, allows for greater efficiency across your service. Not only this, evidence-based decisions around care can be made and significant risk can be controlled, allowing you to truly tailor your care service around the individual needs of those you support.

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