Customised Interactions & Personalised Timelines

Helping to provide truly person-centred care

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What are Customised Interactions and Personalised Timelines?

Nourish works via a timeline which outlines the day for the person you support. Each timeline is made up of ‘interactions’ which document different things for different people.

Part of our configuration process is identifying any assessments you use that are not already industry standard and configuring them into your platform ready for day 1 training.

We understand that every person you support is an individual, which is why we created a platform that not only captures the needs of the people you support in a timely manor, but that uses records that are bespoke to the persons preferences.


  • Customisable records for the people you support
  • Instantly improve documentation at scale
  • Supporting documents for policy visibility
  • Allows for truly person-centred care

How will this feature help me?

The personalised timeline is a structured system which can be personalised to an individuals needs and preferences through a number of configuration options.

Removing irrelevant questions from daily records not only speeds up the recording of care for the team, it means that they also know at first glance the needs and preferences of the person they support.

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