Seamless Handovers

Enhancing communication across your care teams

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What are Seamless Handovers?

At nourish we believe in encouraging transparency and clear communication at all levels, which is why a number of our features have been designed to help you do just that. Including our ‘Seamless Handovers’.

Important information can be shared to the handover screen at the touch of a button. Saving time and ensuring important information isn’t missed when staff change between shifts.


  • Share information quickly and easily across shifts
  • Help provide consistency of care across your service
  • Ensure critical care information isn’t overlooked or forgotten

How will Seamless Handovers help me and my care team?

The whole care team will always be able to see the latest handover notes for the people they support. And, if they’ve been away for a few days? No problem. They can simply click on the dates that they wish to see and read back through any important changes or developments they need to be aware of. No more searching for paperwork and no more relying on a single individual to bring others up to speed on all that’s been happening.

Now all of our carers can read when something has changed; new medication, health or well-being concern or if the doctor or family have been in to visit. It’s also really helped our team to share the positive news, rather than just concerns; if they had a good day, if they engaged with and enjoyed the day’s activities. The whole experience has been amazing and we feel what we’ve been able to contribute, and what we have finished with now, is a big achievement."

Julianna, Luxury Care

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