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What is speech-to-text?

To deliver the best quality care, it is crucial to understand that no day goes by where something unpredictable doesn’t happens. Nourish voice-to-text allows care workers to speak directly into the handsets they carry to add additional information to interactions. If unexpected events happen or there is a drastic change in an individuals behaviour or mood, it can be recorded in a lot more detail, quickly and easily.


  • Capture more detailed information
  • Save time physically writing notes
  • Eliminate errors or gaps in records

How will it help me and my team?

Speaking directly into the handsets helps improve the quality and quantity of information being recorded– you and your care team are able to quickly add more detailed information. Information that otherwise might not have been recorded if being written.

By removing the need to type or write down notes, you will be reducing errors and unnecessary stress so there’s no need to worry about spelling mistakes, grammar or punctuation. Every note is editable as well so you can always go back and amend any small mistake.

More Features

Direct Messages

A secure communication method, send direct messages to team members within Nourish, using your handheld device or computer.

Seamless Handovers

Enhance continuity of care through every shift change with Seamless Handovers at the touch of a button.

Quick Close Tags

Record tasks faster with Quick-Close Tags. A quick tap lets you record and evidence care more efficiently.

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