Personalised Care Planning

Helping you provide more person-centred care

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What does Care Planning allow me to do?

Nourish offers a powerful way of building your care plans so that you can retain what is unique about your service, rather than being forced to adopt fixed templates.

Care notes automatically feed into the care plan and can prompt the responsible key worker when there are outstanding assessments or reviews to complete.


  • Prompt care staff so care needs never get missed
  • Configure nourish to fit in with your way of working
  • Improve the quality of life of those your support with truly personalised care

Create a clearer picture...

You can attach any file type to each care plan, including spreadsheets and pictures, and can use the clever logs and graphs to track daily, weekly or monthly trends.


Personalised Care Planning Features

Personalised care plans for care teams

Medication Integration

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Bespoke Reports

Helping to better manage skin conditions
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Internal Dashboards

Providing a clearer view of care
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Speech to Text

Quickly record notes on the go
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Device Management

Helping ensure you're always in control
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Direct Messages

Send and receive messages directly from your team
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Quick Close Tags

Quickly and easily record tasks
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Offline Access

Never lose access to important records
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Group interactions

Helping you to control documentation across your group
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Seamless Handovers

Enhancing communication across your care teams
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Advanced Roles

Giving you control of user access
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Contextual Care Plans

Helping you to provide truly personalised care to those you support
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Document information with photos
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Alerts and Warnings

Raise alarms and inform your team quickly and easily
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Emergency Admission Pack

Helping to make those you support feel more comfortable when transferring to hospital or another care provider.
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Customised Interactions & Personalised Timelines

Helping to provide truly personalised centred care
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Body Maps

Helping to better manage skin conditions
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Quickly and easily record the activities those you support enjoy
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Scored Assessments

Helping you assess care needs quickly and accurately
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