Reporting and Evidencing Care Features

Whether you need a bespoke report to provide to a nutritionist or a respite report for loved ones, Nourish can create these and many other reports in seconds.

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Provide accurate care reports with evidence

Evidencing care can be as simple as showing evidence of progress towards outcomes or evidencing the compliance of your group, Nourish’s powerful reporting can cover all.

Bespoke Reports

Produce bespoke care reports in an instant and get to the heart of the information you need with Nourish’s built-in reporting software.

Internal Dashboards

Stay informed and get a clearer view of care with our user-friendly Internal Dashboards.

The benefits of reporting and evidencing care features

Nourish has powerful built-in reporting features that allow you to create bespoke reports quickly and simply. You choose the level of detail you need to evidence care and Nourish puts the report together, ready to view live or in a variety of formats. 

Internal Dashboards keep managers in control by providing better visibility of your care service while our analytics functionality makes it easier to detect anomalies, analyse trends and prioritise those who need it. 

All of our reporting and evidencing care features are designed to give you the time and freedom to care in the way you want to.

  • Produce insightful reports in an instant
  • Save time by accessing records quickly and easily
  • Access all historical interactions and assessments from all devices, including Point of care
  • Automatically highlight interactions that need to be prioritised
  • Analyse trends and anomalies with powerful analytics features
  • Automated warnings to keep your team informed on things such as fluid intake
  • Prioritise your care plan reviews and keep them up to date

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Tailored reporting and evidencing care solutions

Nourish’s care solutions are tailored to individual needs and requirements and our technology and platforms are bespoke to those who are using it. We’ve drawn on our years of experience and expertise to create solutions which help with everything from reporting and evidencing care to moving to digital care planning.

So whether you’re an individual carer, owner, manager, or part of a bigger care team, Nourish Care technology can provide a solution to the challenges you’re facing and help you continue to provide those you support with the highest quality of care possible.

Book a demo or get in touch with the team to find out how our care software and features can help you better care for those you support.

Chiropodist Nourish Home Care

With Nourish I can spend more time with people and less with paper, which is what care should be all about

Sam, care worker