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How will Nourish help me and my care team?

Carers want to give the best quality care to each individual they support and spend meaningful time with them. Frustrations arise when paperwork takes up too much of this time. What’s more, paper-based notes aren’t easy to share with other care team members, and sometimes critical information can be overlooked or forgotten. 

With Nourish, care teams can plan, record and coordinate care on the go via the Nourish handhelds or their own devices. It’s Care technology that keeps the person you support at the heart of everything.


  • Quicker recording of care with Nourish solution
  • More time to spend with those you support
  • Peace of mind that all tasks are complete
  • Ability to raise alerts to the wider team
  • Easy to learn with care team training

Empower your care team...

With Nourish, care teams can record more accurate notes in less time, and add more detail and context. It’s easy to involve the person being supported while notes are taken, so they feel heard and valued. Handovers are simplified by having up-to-date, searchable information available for staff, plus instant access for everyone in the circle of care. What’s more, our care technology gives teams confidence that they’ve captured care in a compliant way, for example by using Quick-Close Tags. One tap is all it takes to record an interaction, such as a night check. 

We have hundreds of anecdotal success stories through implementing Nourish. The main one has to be spending more time with residents. Staff aren’t disappearing in the middle of the afternoon to write in care plans. Pulling information for investigations takes 20 minutes – rather than a whole day. We’re more responsive to care – and can be proactive rather than reactive. The benefits are many and we know we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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