Nourish DPS

Nourish Care assured by NHSX as one of the first Digital Care Planning providers to be appointed to a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for digitising social care records.

We’re so excited to announce that NHSX have announced Nourish as one of only two providers assured as a provider of Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) on their Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

This news follows an earlier announcement from the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), which confirmed Nourish Care to be the first ever company to achieve certification for the implementation of information standards to underpin interoperability of Social Care and Support Plans.

Both of these achievements highlight how Nourish are working to the highest standards to provide you and those you care for, the best possible experience. We see this as an essential step to supporting interoperability across the health and social care system and we are so thrilled to have been recognised by both NHSX and PRSB. 

Our founder, Nuno Almeida said:

“Being listed on this DPS is a milestone that further confirms Nourish as a service with a deep knowledge of the context of care delivery, supporting care teams in a wide range of care settings, while enabling providers to have interoperability with their regional NHS partners. Our teams are immensely proud to be in a position to support the sector on this journey of digital transformation and integration, to ensure everyone receives the best possible care across whole social and healthcare systems.”

What is the DPS?

NHSX is on a mission to improve health and social care through the use of technology and have been working to find a way to support the delivery of integrated care. The goal is for all  social care providers to have access to a digital social care record by 2024. 

Approximately only 40% of social care registered providers use digital care planning, with everyone else still working from paper records. During 2020, as the health and social care sector tried to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, it became incredibly difficult for the likes of Local Authorities, CQC, NHS and the Department of Health and Social Care to accurately track and monitor the spread of the virus amongst care providers. 

As a result of the pandemic, several government and NHS departments regard the digital transformation of social care to be essential in the context of care integration. In this context, and in order to create confidence and increase market uptake of digital systems by social care providers, NHSX conducted extensive research of how digital can make a difference to care teams – which resulted in a set of requirements. This framework resulted from NHSX working with a number of social care providers to find out what is most important when it comes to Digital Care Planning, for example usability, interoperability, personalisation, engagement with families and wider circle of care, security, resilience, information governance, and many others. 

Following submission of a bid for a place on the DPS, and NHSX undertaking assurance, NHSX confirmed that we have been successful in their application, meeting the capability requirements, and have become part of the list of approved suppliers. This makes Nourish one of the first Digital Care Planning providers to be approved by the NHS and listed on their Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)  as a go-to provider for digital social care records. 

For care providers who are yet to switch to Digital Care Planning, this DPS will provide reassurance that the Nourish platform is reliable, secure, future proof and able to support the care scenarios found in social care. It will also set care services in good stead regarding interoperability with NHS systems and set the bar for providers to ensure digital social care is done well and that they can meet the unique requirements of social care teams across the UK. 

If you’d like to find out more about the DSCR framework, visit the Digital Social Care website for more information. To find out more about our partnership with PRSB, you can click here. 

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